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Will I ever feel like myself again?

13th Aug 2015
Will I ever feel like myself again?


Will I ever feel like myself again?
Will this feeling ever go away?

Every woman who is experiencing postpartum depression will want to know this. The answer is yes it is possible! Postpartum depression is an illness and it is treatable, if you seek help.

Why do women find a counselor when they are experiencing postpartum depression? Karen Kleimen, author of: This isn’t what I expected, overcoming post partum depression, says usually the sole purpose is: “So I can stop crying and take care of my baby.” Typically, it is not a time to look at the past or work on traumas; it is to be able to
1. Function like they used to
2. Stop crying and take care of their baby and
3. Have moments of enjoying their baby.

There are a lot of online posts and books written with a somewhat humorous nature relating to postpartum depression and how hard mothering is, but to most people experiencing the darkness it is not laughable, AT ALL. Postpartum depression is serious.

My wish as a therapist is the stigma around seeking help as a new mother was something of the past. Where we could now say “Remember when it was taboo to ask for help after a baby was born! Wasn’t that ridiculous?!!”

Lets start to end this stigma now. Lets start to get out of the dark together.
Are you with me?
But, How?
Lets start simple…

1. After someone has a baby, don’t ask how are you or how is the baby. Try this instead, ‘It can be really hard emotionally after you have a baby, how are you doing with it all?”
2. Tell people if you had postpartum depression/anxiety, it allows them to talk about it and seek help.
3. DO NOT believe because a new mom looks like she has it together, that she does. PLEASE ASK, OFFER SUPPORT, LISTEN, REFER TO PLACES THAT HELP.
4. Post on social media stories of postpartum depression and places that offer support, please, lets make it OK to ask for help.

For postpartum counseling visit or visit the Postpartum Depression page on

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