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Playgroups, Playdates, Mom Groups – Calgary Moms

Playgroups, Playdates, Mom Groups – Calgary Moms

Playgroups, Playdates, Mom Groups - Calgary Moms

Looking to find moms groups in Calgary to plan playdates, coffee dates, playgroups and other fun gatherings. Join us and meet fellow Calgary moms in our highly monitored, spam free and most important non-judgmental community forum. You will also find information on parenting, relationships, mommy time, homemaking, hobbies, health, well being and many other things that will help you find balance and joy in your life as a mom.

Calgary Moms is a super friendly mommy resource site & community forum for moms living in or around Calgary, AB. Being a mom is an amazing and rewarding experience and Calgary Moms is here to help you along this wonderful journey. Share the highs and lows of being a mom with other moms that can relate and understand what you are going through.

We keep the bullies & the spam out! And keep the friendly fun in!! Sanity Saver Since 2005!

If you are a mom living in Calgary, Alberta ~ Canada please click here to register your unique username on Calgary Moms Community and join our group already getting to know each other! Are you new to chatting online or to the community forum set up? Feeling a little lost as what to do next? Read the “I am New! What do I do?” page on our forum that explains how it all works.

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Playgroups, Playdates, Mom Groups – Calgary Moms