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Parenting Tips for Parents

1st Feb 2013

parenting tips for parentsParenting Tips for Parents

Ok so we all know that parenting can be a challenging experience. Believe me “I” know. lol! Am I wrong to say that help in that category is ALWAYS a good thing?

So, we have some exciting NEWS to share!  We are working on a possible parenting expert or two to post on our blog to provide to help parents with the craziness of their kids.. tips & advice are always a welcomed conversation when it comes to our children. I hope there will be tips & advice for moms that have kids at the 10 year range. *raises hand proudly*

Stay tuned! More info coming soon :D



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Britt Raposo

From behind her laptop in Calgary, Alberta, Britt Raposo helps moms across Canada make connections and build lasting friendships. She is mom to two wonderful girls, married to her best friend, and she has developed a home business that combines her two other passions: designing websites and helping moms. Proud owner of
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