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Online mom communities are making a comeback

25th Feb 2013

online mom communities are making a comebackI am happy to announce that online mom communities are making a comeback. Ever since the announcement of facebook online community registrations all over the world began to dwindle.. Don’t get me wrong, I like facebook it’s a wonderful way to find old friends and keep in touch, or in my case finally finding that one childhood friend I had when I was in elementary school and never forgot.

The one thing i realize though.. your facebook page may not be a great place to share family life and parenting woes, your facebook friends aren’t always the people you want to talk to – or can talk to, for that matter. Some don’t want to know if your child has a cold and has green slime coming out of his nose. Perhaps your friends do not quite understand your obsession with your newborn, or none of your friends have children yet but you’re dying to gush about your babies first steps. Unfortunately they can’t relate.

Why not join a community where they are focused around these exact interests? A place where you can unleash your mommy hood and speak the same language as hundreds of other moms around in Calgary without feeling like you’re totally and completely out of your mind. Chat with others on the boards about your sons boogers and get advice on how to make him feel better. Gush about your newborn and your babies first steps to your hearts content.Pregnant? Tell us about your symptoms and get advice from moms who have been there already.

Once you are ready, feel free to join in and plan meet ups for playgroups, play dates and other fun gatherings. Have an idea for a group? Let us know we are always open to suggestions

So where is this community? Calgary Moms Community give us a try. :) Join the club.

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