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Moms Night Out Club

8th Jan 2014

moms night outMoms Night Out Club – A Sanity Saver!

Even the most loving and committed mom can use a break every once in a while. Moms spend so much time caring for others, they often forget the needs of their own. When a mom takes the time to care for herself, she is more often able to care for their children and spouse much better.

A Moms Night Out is chance for moms to get away, unwind, relax, laugh and connect with other like-minded moms. Not only that but the conversations they have will remind them that they are not alone.

While it may be impractical to have a Mom’s Night Out every week, doing it once a month or every few months can make a difference in helping you remember your identity outside of being mom. A moms night out usually includes refreshments, dinner, networking and support discussions, or an activity.

Join Calgary Moms Community to join our Calgary Moms Night Out Club – every mom can use some tips, encouragement and support when it comes to raising their kids.

What activities or ideas do you have to run the perfect Moms Night Out? Post your ideas below and we may use the idea at a future event.

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