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Holiday and Post-Holiday Blues

21st Dec 2015

Holiday and Post-Holiday BluesHoliday and Post-Holiday Blues The holiday and post-holiday season can be a hard time for varying reasons. Maybe our values are not lining up with those around us, maybe we are missing someone special, it could be overwhelming to visit with people and pack the kids around, or it is just a HARD time of year for you. Understood.

I want to suggest a mindfulness practice for the holidays and if you are feeling overwhelmed over the next few months. It can be used for ongoing daily stressors too. Practice, practice, practice… Hang a reminder on the fridge, in your phone or calendar. It is called RAIN.

R – Recognize what is going on, I like to give it a name.

A – Allow it to just be there without trying to make it different, accepting it.

I – Investigate it with kindness. For example, ask yourself “what do I need right now?” to make it through, not judging yourself.

N – Not Identifying the experience with who you are as a person. YOU are NOT the problem. The problem is the problem.

Good luck with this practice, it takes a while to remember. Even if you practice one of the steps it can be helpful!

You can visit for more information on RAIN, or visit me at for more information on mindful parenting and mindful motherhood ideas/support.


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