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Giving away 10 free memberships.. just because

19th Feb 2013

Giving away 10 free memberships.. just because We all know that moms love to stick together … we need to help keep each other sane right? lol You may be asking yourself Why would you want a free membership on Calgary Moms Community? Here are five great reasons why we are Giving away 10 free memberships.. just because

1. You can chat with other moms about the joys (and not so joyous things) of being a mom. When it’s hard to get out of the house, you can talk to people without having to leave the comfort of your home.

2. Meet other moms and have a multitude of people to talk to who can relate to what you are going through as a mom and as a woman. You can vent and the other women will understand what you’re talking about.

3. It’s great for moms new to Calgary. When you’re new to the city and don’t know anyone, joining a local forum is an easy way to start to build a new support system.

4. While many moms initially join a forum to find playdates for their children, they usually end up finding good friends of their own. Moms who join meet wonderful ladies from all over the city, not just their own community.

5. Playgroups!!! Moms in the forums set up playgroups and get together regularly for zoo trips, walks and park visits.

Let’s make this contest FUN not just a simple enter to win contest. Log into our site by clicking on one of the social connect buttons (bar on the right) and answer one of the question below:

What is/was your strangest/weirdest/craziest craving that you had while you are/were pregnant?


What is the funniest question you’ve ever heard from your child? What brought on the question and how did you answer?

Once we receive over 50 comment answers (replies don’t count) to the question below we will award 10 of those replies with a free one year membership on Calgary Moms Community. So make sure you help spread the word… who knows maybe we will give away a few more:)

If your comment doesn’t show up right away please be patient as we do screen all comments first. (only post once)

Note: contest answers in the facebook comments section & the website comment section below both qualify

17 comments on “Giving away 10 free memberships.. just because

  1. This is going to freak my daughter out so I won’t say which one said it. lol

    The question: “What is a hooker?”

    What brought on the question: We were upstairs in the bathroom putting fresh towels away and my daughter asked me “Should I put one on the hooker?” of course I burst out laughing and she couldn’t figure out why so I told her “It’s not called a hooker honey, it’s just a HOOK” then she asked me why I was laughing and I told her..

    Answer: A hooker is lady that sells her body to a man.

    She didn’t understand because she was only about 5years old so I just told her it’s adult stuff.. so now she understands and I bring up the hook thing she gets a good chuckle out of it :)

  2. Melinda on said:

    Oh boy I don’t l love the stuff that comes out of the mouths of babes. Just like my one kid asking me why is it dads job to make you mad lol

  3. Nikki Maclean on said:

    My daughter asked how babies came out of the mommy’s tummy. I told her the truth and she didn’t believe me because she said it was too small. A few days later she said to me ” so for real, how do babies get out of the mommy’s tummy?”

  4. While I was pregnant my 4 year old asked if the baby would come out my belly button. I told him no that it was a special way the mommy’s have to bring the baby out, so of course he wants to see that. Um, NO.

  5. Krystal Abbott on said:

    I wish I could have all the answers for my curious 4 year old, what about an answer to this, Why do you have to work is the worst one? What answer would make sense to them?

    • when my girls were little i always told them what is their favorite toys… they would answer, then i would say well if mommy & daddy didn’t work we wouldn’t have been able to buy you them. something clicked and they never asked again. lol

  6. Kai’s group of peers at school are going through the phase of discovering new “swear words”. The other week Kai asked me what “mofo” meant….I couldn’t help but laugh out loud (probably not an appropriate reaction, but his stepdad laughing in the background did not help either), then explained exactly what it meant and told him I better not catch him saying it. I asked where he heard it from and like all answers about newly “discovered” words his response was “A kid at school.”

    • I am now going through that with one of my daughters.. the problem is she didn’t hear the words from school first she heard it out of my trucker mouth. lol Thankfully she understands to NOT say it at school. whew.

  7. Brittney Aldous on said:

    I needed to have honey mustard on everything. You name it, I added honey mustard to it. My favorite was honey mustard on ramen noodles. I look back and it makes me gag just thinking about it!

  8. Raeann Rivard on said:

    When my daughter was two and we went to a church carol singing at Christmas, my husband was not signing with the group. My daughter asked him, “why aren’t you singing daddy?”
    Daddy replies, “I don’t know the words”. (Not true!)
    Daughter: “Oh, that’s right! You only know how to play hockey!”


  9. Rosemarie on said:

    So my 3 year old son asked me in a public washroom one day (he was in the stall with me): “Mom where’s your penis?” I replied that girls don’t have penis’s. My son said “You can borrow mine.”

    I almost died. I think a few other people in the washroom were giggling as well…

  10. When my girls spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, the Jane Fonda movie “Georgia Rule” had just been released on dvd…and my girls managed to wake up for a snack right at the moment Lindsay Lohan says “It’s just a BJ!” the next morning over cheerios and juice…
    “Momma, what’s a BJ?”
    *cough cough* Where did you hear that????
    The movie!
    Little ears hear everything!

  11. My 4 year old son to his 2 year old sister, after hearing her ask me for a cup of milk:
    “Hey Layla, would you like milk from mommy’s nipples? ”
    She had no idea what he was talking about but being the agreeable little girl she is, she gave an emphatic “yes!”
    To which he replied, “Nope! The milk in there is ALL dried up!”