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Getting it together (and Keeping it that way)

17th Feb 2016

Getting it together (and Keeping it that way)

I don’t know about you- but I’m always coming from behind. I always say I don’t make New Years resolutions, because they never last…but secretly I do make them…and they never last. Here we are, 6 weeks or so into the New Year, and most of what I had promised myself would happen…hasn’t yet. I read the organization articles, I read the business books- I plan…and then it all falls by the wayside as life takes over.Getting it together (and Keeping it that way)I did what one book said, and created a list of all I have to get done in a week, and approximately how many hours each thing takes…and realized I need about 4 more hours a day available to me. If each day was say…25 or 26 hours long, maybe then I could get it all done!

When adding it all up, I realized that my priorities and goals in life- were not getting the time I wanted to give them. I can say that my family and life balance are my two top priorities- but when I look at how I spend my days, my time doesn’t reflect those goals the way they should. Life gets in the way. And sometimes that’s ok, but sometimes…that sucks.

Getting it together (and Keeping it that way)So, I’m taking steps to change that. I am doing a “Hard Reset” on my life. Here are my tips for you to begin to do the same.

1. Tracking. How do you spend your days? Cleaning, cooking, laundry, working, paying bills, sleeping, perusing FB, watching TV, playing with or just talking to your kids. Take some time to go through your day, and figure out exactly how much time you spend doing each activity. Track your time for at least a week so you can see exactly where your days are going.

2. Evaluate. What are your goals? What is most important to you? Think big picture, not small. For example- paying down debt may be a big deal…but does it come above spending quality time with your spouse or kids? Make a list of your top 5 priorities.

3. Compare. If you were looking at percentages- how do your time tracking and your priorities list match up? Are your biggest priorities being met, or is the time you spend on doing other things taking away from what is really important to you?

4. Re- evaluate. What can you do to create a better balance? How do you create more pockets of time to do what you love, to get what you need? Bills still need to be paid, so you still need to work- but do you have to work as much? Can you cut back even a few hours a week to create more time to do things you love? Can you afford to have someone come in and clean your house once a week to take that off your plate? If not- are there things you can do to cut back on the amount of time you spend performing menial tasks- de-clutter, have the kids help more, ask your spouse for more help? Can you cut back on the amount of TV you watch, or the amount of time you spend on the computer? Can you go through the bills you have to pay each month and automate them?

5. Re-energize. It’s not a quick fix, and it can take weeks, or months to get your priorities in line with your daily life, but it can be done. Remember at the end of it all- none of us get out of this alive. What feels overwhelming and out of control today- won’t matter a year from now, 10 years from now. It takes work to get it all in line- and perseverance to keep it that way. You will fall off the wagon, and life will hit you with obstacles- just keep your eyes on the big picture and keep going.

For me, my family is my number one priority. And taking care of me is a close second. So I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching about what that means, and what I can do to make those things have higher percentages on my TO DO list than everything else. It’s a work in progress, but I will get there. So will you!

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