School Lunch Safety

12th Sep 2011

With kids back in the classrooms Health & Safety Watch and Health Canada are reminding parents of the importance of allergy awareness when packing lunches for their children. Severe allergic reactions can occur quickly and without warning, and some foods […]

Dress for Success

12th Jan 2011

  People generally are very casual in North America. They value comfort before anything else. Unfortunately, comfort now means faded jeans, ball caps, flip flops/runners, t-shirts/tops, exercise pants, etc worn to every occasion. I wonder if this all started with […]

Potty Training 101

18th Jun 2006

I have had the wonderful privilege of potty training 4 children. The first in 1983 and the last one in February of 2002! All were completed by their 2nd birthday, even my son. So I often have people ask what […]

What Is a Doula?

5th Mar 2006

  A doula is something between a midwife, and a pre-natal instructor. The word originally came from the Greek, where it meant a woman’s personal servant. And while doulas today still serve the needs of women, they are very specific […]

Too Sick for School?

18th Jul 2005

Mommy I don’t feel well. Sometimes it seems like we need a medical degree to determine if our child is too sick for school. According to family physician Dr. Cathryn Kuzyk, “It’s sometimes quite difficult to know if a mildly […]