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Calgary Moms Find Fun, Friendship and Fitness

14th Jul 2011

Dress for successHealthy moms have more energy and feel less stress, but it’s hard to squeeze in nutritious meals and fitness routines between diaper changes and playdates. When moms don’t make time for their health, though, they might be squeezing into their clothes instead – not to mention feeling chronically overworked and tired.

A group of Calgary moms is taking action, in more ways than one. Members of are participating in Moms Body Fitness Challenges. They’re encouraging each other to make healthy food choices, get regular exercise, and weed out habits that can sabotage the best-laid weight-loss plans. is an online community of moms who live in and around Calgary. The group’s members find balance in their lives with playgroups, parenting classes, moms only and couples’ nights out, scrapbooking clubs, retreats, and, most recently, through fitness challenges.

In the Calgary Moms Body Fitness Challenges, members can earn points for losing weight and exercising. Not deterred by Calgary’s unpredictable weather, they’re walking outdoors and using treadmills and exercise bikes. Points don’t win prizes in this competition, but challengers earn the satisfaction of knowing they chose a healthy lifestyle.

Often small changes can make a big difference. To help members change their health habits gradually, there are weekly mini-challenges during the eight-week program. Mini-challenges include working out three times a week, drinking eight glasses of water each day, and trying a new healthy recipe.

Britt Raposo, founder of, created the challenges because of her own desire to be healthier. “When moms work out together, we can be each others’ cheering squad,” she says. The results of the challenges, Raposo says, are “fitter moms, lost inches, and the motivation to keep making healthy choices.”

Of course, you don’t need to be a member of to reap the same rewards. Being part of a group can be motivating, but you can also get fit with a friend or on your own. For the next eight weeks, commit to follow a fitness routine that works for you, and challenge yourself with these weekly challenges from CalgaryMoms:

Week 1: Write down your personal fitness goals
Week 2: Try a new activity
Week 3: Work out three times this week
Week 4: Write down something positive about yourself each day
Week 5: Eat five servings of fruit and/or vegetables everyday
Week 6: Try not to drink high-calorie beverages
Week 7: Drink at least eight glasses of water each day.
Week 8: Try a new health food or recipe

If you need more inspiration and want to meet new people while you lose weight, CalgaryMoms invites you to join them in their next Moms Fitness Body Challenge. Membership at Calgary Moms Community is only $20 a year, fun and friendship included.

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