Community provides online friendship in Calgary

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Community provides online friendship

Community provides online friendship in Calgary

Sanity Saver since March 2005

Are you a mom? Pregnant? Thinking about it? or Trying right now?
Looking for mommy groups, playgroups or a baby group in Calgary, AB?
Want valuable support & life long friendships?

Community provides online friendship in Calgary

Calgary Moms opened it’s doors March 28th, 2005 to provide a supportive group environment for moms & future moms to connect and develop lasting friendships. Our large community provides online friendship by allowing moms to chat and get to know each other first, then when you feel comfortable join in.  Moms can plan events on our online boards such as playgroups, play dates, moms nights out, parents night out, club events, retreats, fitness challenges and so much more.

We believe that a happy mom makes a happy family. Balance is the key… motherhood, marriage and relationships, activities and health, hobbies and leisure, quiet time and soul searching… they are all part of our lives as mothers. You will find valuable support in all these areas at Calgary Moms! Find your balance… love your life!

We keep the bullies & the spam out but keep the friendly fun in!!

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