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In Sync Therapy Services Inc.

In Sync Therapy Services Inc.
In Sync Therapy is a family focused support service. It takes a village to raise and support families as they move through the waves of life. In sync is your therapeutic support village, here when you need us and cheering you and your family on with your successes.

At In Sync Therapy we realized that navigating the current system is an overwhelming challenge and often families go without getting the quality support and services they truly need. This can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and even hopelessness.

Regardless of the situation or diagnosis, your feelings are justified. Not only do we wish to validate these feelings, but we wish to share the burden.

The overwhelming challenge needs to end, which is exactly what inspired our vision for In Sync Therapy Services.

We decided our centre had to bring together the best people from speech language pathology, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, and physical therapy, to support the people in need, as well as their families, so that everyone could walk the path to wellbeing together.

We wanted the ability to say ‘we can absolutely help you’ when a family comes forth with concerns. This entails us offering a variety of services, with diverse and comprehensive approaches to each situation, to reach the best outcome for the family.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We help our clients and their families through, their journey to cognitive, physical, and emotional health. This enables us offering a variety of services, with diverse and comprehensive approaches to each situation to reach the best outcomes for families. We show people how they can learn and grow in a way that will make their life easier.

We aim to empower by giving the support and sense of hope that is needed to build an optimistic future.
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