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3 Reasons That Counselling for Postpartum Depression is Helpful

17th Mar 2016

3 Reasons That Counselling for Postpartum Depression is Helpful:

3 Reasons That Counselling for Postpartum Depression is Helpful

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People often tell me after they have come for a counselling session they have more ability to be creative in their parenting, creative in solving problems, take care of themselves, better able to read their child’s cues and more able to take things as they come with less anxiety or sadness attached to it.

Why is this? Why is Counselling Helpful?

1. Conversations that Matter

Therapeutic conversations create new ways of thinking about the problem and in turn new ways of thinking about the solution. In short, they open up space for hope. Hope that things can change, the way you view things can change or your reaction can change. This can make the postpartum period feel much easier when you have hope and when you have new ways of approaching the problem.

2. Practical and Strategic Solutions

Seeing a counsellor in the postpartum or prenatal period can help you and your partner to come up with a ‘PLAN.’ This can be hard when you are living with sleep deprivation and parenting is new. A plan that makes sense and is useful to help with the symptoms of postpartum depression is essential. This can be for things such as sleep, mood, support, anxiety, self care, etc., depending on your needs. Getting a support plan in order to manage the symptoms can make a huge difference in how you feel.

3. Having someone fully listen to JUST you and your experience

Counselling is about YOU. It is about listening to your unique experience of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It is all about what you need to carry on and start to feel better, especially when you feel like you can’t go on or you won’t ever feel better. Telling someone who understands postpartum depression your scary thoughts, your fears, things you feel guilt about, your symptoms and what you are facing can feel like a huge weight is lifted. When this is lifted, you would be surprised at what you are able to see differently. Clients tell me they can stop thinking they are going ‘crazy’, they feel a sense of relief that other moms have struggled in the same ways, having something be for them and not just the baby is helpful and most importantly, they tell me they can start believing they will get better.

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